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Known situation?

Electric bulbs burn out
Sockets and switches fail
Air conditioning filters are clogged
Extra condensate runs from the ceiling
Spalls and scrapes appear on the walls
Parts of Retail store equipment break down

Do you know where it leads?

Losses of sales
and discontent
of consumers

More than 15% of consumers complain that there is bad lighting, no fresh air and high temperature in clothes shops. When they get into such shop, a part of them won’t buy anything, and the majority won’t ever come back.

Increase of expenses
for facilities

Untimely precautions of air conditioning system leads to increase of electricity demand for 10%. It’s more profitable to keep the place in a good condition than to spend money for major repair annually and stop the work of a shop.

of staff and
high turnover

Bad micro climate and technical problems at work are the 4th largest reason of dismissal of the staff. Unsatisfied employer will never make your client satisfied.

We will help you.
We will organize the maintenance.
And you will get:

Monthly maintenance service, essential for keeping up a normal operating mode of a shop.

Emergency assistance in case of an accident in 2-4 hours.

Urgent implementation of extra mounting and equipment maintenance, repair of placement at your request.

Up-to-date information about the real technical condition of a shop.

Advisory support at any question of managing of facilities and equipment.

Twenty-four-hour access to the help desk 24/7