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We offer the service of a complex maintenance of your shop. Do you want a better result? Use the service contract for a regular maintenance. If you order the service contract in our company, you will get:


you will always have up-to-date information about the real technical condition of your shop.

Our service specialists regularly check the workability of engineering communications, evaluate the state of the real store equipment and interior elements. The conclusion with a list of found defects and recommendations for their removal is issued according to the results of diagnostics.


we will help the equipment period of operation last longer and reduce the risk of any breakdown.

Our service specialists will carefully clean and lubricate, wash and regulate the work of base elements of engineering communications, commercial equipment and everything else that requires some care.


If there is a moment that something breaks down, we will fix everything quickly.

Our service specialists cope with any breakdown. Any work from changing the light bulb to the repair of air conditioning system will be done qickly and quality. If a buying of spares or supplies is needed for the repair, we will take all the charges.


we will change the tile on the floor, paint the walls or build a shop.

Our builders love and know their business. Thousands of square meter are built, and there are much more in the fututre. For the holders of the Service contract we are ready to do even small building and finishing works. And if you decide that you need a new shop, we will build it with pleasure. We also have planners and designers.

What equipment do we service

Air conditioning system and ventilation
Air conditioning system and ventilation, supply-and-exhaust systems, heat curtains, automation of ventilation.
Power supply and lighting
Input and distribution devices, cable lines from switchgears to the consumers, the final consumers (lighting equipment, sockets and switches), emergency lighting.
Water supply
Cold and hot water supply, including filters, water heaters, stop valves, heating appliances, consumption meters.
Sanitary equipment and sewerage
Waste management systems and plumbing equipment, including technical washes, Sand boilers, shower cabins and toilets equipment
Entrance panel and doors
Glass case, roller shutters, doors, locks, hinges and closers
Elements of interior
All types of flooring and ceilings and all kinds of wall finishing
Retail store equipment
All kinds of trading and warehouse equipment