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Maintenance of commercial
real estate

The right way to cut the expenses for facilities management and improve the quality of servicing the consumers

The layout of our job

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We prepare
the business proposal
We examine your placement
and detail the requirements
We process your request
and arrange a meeting
We sign the contract
and agree on the maintenance schedule
We provide
an excellent service

The advantages of maintenance
by Service Brothers

We will help the owner or the manager of
business to earn more money

Attracting the new clients and increasing of loyalty to the existing ones, for whom the environment in the placement (temperature, fresh air, natural lighting) is important while buying or servicing.

Optimising costs for facilities management. Diagnostics and precautions let the equipment period of operation last longer, and transfer of this function to outsourcing will help to cut the expenses for maintenance staff.

Any risk minimization of stopping the work of a placement in case of accidents or orders of supervisory authorities.

We will save the head of facility
management from headaches

We are a reliable and experienced partner, we are ready not only to do our job, but share the experience.

Simple layout of interaction and well-established workflow. All the maintenance is done acoording to a pre-agreed schedule, all the extra requests are processed by the help desk as soon as possible. All the work done are confirmed by visual and informative documents.

We cope even with a non-standard case. Exept our own staff, we have some proven partners whom we are ready to involve in doing some specific tasks.